Traducción al inglés USA: "The War of the Witches"

¡Es una realidad! Hemos roto el techo de cristal. La traducción al inglés de la editorial Bloomsbury ya corre por los “Book shop” de Nueva York, Washington, San Francisco y Los Angeles. Y por lo que parece, se lee y genera buenas críticas.

“When her mom misteriously disappears, Anaíd discovers that she belongs to an ancient tribe of witches.

She must quickly learn the arts of witchcraft to enter The Dark World and find her mother. Suddenly unpopularity and not-so-good looks seem like small problems! Carranza relates a complicated tale about two bands of warring witches, the Odish and Omar, and the ancient prophecy that binds them together. Anaíd’s mother Selene is believed to be The Chosen One, a redheaded beauty at the heart of the prophecy. Anaíd’s story, thick with legend and epic struggles, finds real strength in her experiences and distinctively modern voice. Teens will love watching the mousy outsider grow into an immensely powerful witch. The twists in this circuitous story keep readers guessing, wondering who’s an ally and who’s an enemy. Feminist issues (sisterhood, power, independence) surface, nudging young women to value their gender. All young adults will relate to Anaíd’s unabated yearning for friendship. Rich, sophisticated language leaves readers spellbound; a relentless plot will have them panting during Anaíd’s first tremulous steps into The Dark World.” – Kirkus Reviews

Es una edición con un sello marcadamente  juvenil, misterioso y femenino. Los americanos van fuertes y  se han apropiado del título de la trilogía completa para el primer volumen: War of the Witches.  Me pregunto como traducirán El desierto de hielo.

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